4 Reasons why you shouldn’t stop herpes dating

Most people regard the herpes virus as an embarrassing things when it happen to  people who have sex.  It can be shame of being a girl or guy who has herpes since  it  restricts you love and having sex.   Herpes virus is a typical sexually transmitted disease which many people are afraid of being infected. For  people with herpes,  they feel ashamed and isolated, even reject to meet new people. But why can’t we correctly view herpes dating?  There are many reason why you shouldn’t stop meeting other people with herpes.

  1. You are not alone,  many people have herpes.  Herpes virus is a super common  std.  About 7 billion people has the HSV.  If you have herpes,   you should understand there’s nothing to be afraid. Stay positive to treatment  and protect your partner from the herpes virus. After all, many people have herpes. we shouldn’t let herpes stop finding love.
  2. Herpes dating can be fun .  When you have herpes,  you can find and date with someone who has the similar condition.  It is a safe method to reduce the risk when you have sex behavior. Except from taking  suppressive antiviral medication,  you  still need to  correctly use condoms to cut down the risk of contracting this virus, specially reduce sex during herpes outbreak.  To learn  herpes treatment and preventive methods,  you will find herpes dating might be more  simple and easy than what you think.
  3. Herpes is not the end of you love and sex life. For people with genital herpes or Oral herpes,  It is difficult to tell their health condition to their lover and potential partners.  If you lie to your partner, it leads to constantly quarrel, even break up a relationship. However, having the HSV doesn’t mean the end of your dating life. If you are honest to tell the truth,  your real lover will not get away. Instead,  She / he will care more about your emotions, and always accompany you around.  Of course,  there are dating sites for people with herpes,  there are you can connect with millions of herpes positive singles like you. Perhaps, you will find your perfect match there.  Herpes dating is not always easy at the beginning, but you sex and love life is far from over.
  4. You will be positive to life. Despite that herpes restrict your love and sex life.  Plenty of people with herpes was torturous and depressed in the beginning. Go along with time,  many HSV singles  accept themself, and learn how to live healthily and keep their partners safe.  As std positive single, they  no longer afraid to find friends and love.  They prefer to share experience and herpes treatment, even encourage other herpes singles to get back the confidence to live with.

The fact shows that more and more people realized  dating with herpes  is not rough task.  we should stop the marginalization and don’t let herpes stop you find love.