How to deal with herpes rejection?

Being diagnosed with herpes is one of the worst things that can happen to you. The situation is even worse if you got it from your unfaithful sex partner. This diagnosis changes your life completely, it changes your dating life as well as your love life. The stress and anxiety that comes along with this diagnosis makes you wonder whether you will ever manage to find true love in your life again.

However, in the present world finding love for people with genital herpes should not be a point of major concern since approximately 30% of people and especially the youths today are diagnosed with genital herpes. People are often afraid of being judged on their STDs and often fear the rejection that comes along with this judgment. Presently there has been STD dating sites that are majorly for people with STDs  such as Positive Singles ,  in which the participants are victims of herpes and other STDs and therefore they face minimal judgments as well as rejections. Of course,  you can join local herpes support group to make new friends and share herpes treatment information.

Here are a few tips on how to deal with rejections associated with herpes.

1. Always disclose your condition before sex.

This is always a tough disclosure for one to make. Talking about your herpes condition before sex can bring rejection from your partner but going clean about it will always work out best for you. Being upfront about your condition will make your partner admire your courage and honesty and if one truly loves you, your herpes condition will not change the way they think about you. If you talk about your condition before sex, you will have your peace of mind even after your partner rejects you since you will have an idea of who truly loves you. Being upfront significantly lessens the rejection cases.

2. Being diagnosed with herpes is not the end of your life.

This diagnosis should not mean that your world has now come to an end. You should bear in mind that there are much worse diseases than herpes. With the recent medical advancements, you can easily manage your herpes condition and still manage to have true love in your life. Always try to use the right medications to counter the frequency of the herpes outbreaks.

3. You are not alone.

You should not be afraid of being judged. You should be aware that you are not the only one suffering from herpes. Many people have been diagnosed with this condition and every sexually active person can contract genital herpes. So never be afraid that you are alone.

4. People will always reject you but the right one will not.

You should be aware that people will often reject you upon learning about your condition. Herpes will act as a litmus test to help you know who truly loves and cares about you. Never be discouraged due to rejections, perhaps those people were never meant for you.

As a herpes victim you should always remember who you are, how special you are and how deserving you are of love and all the benefits that comes with it. You should not allow yourself to settle for anything less than you deserve and no one should intimidate you because of your condition. Anyone who truly loves you will not mind your herpes condition and will always help you get through it through medications and natural treatments.

Remember that you are a jewel and that anyone who gets to have you is blessed.